Silk Comforter Shopping Tips

September 6, 2011

Sleep with Silk in the Cocoon of a Silk Comforter

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When you are looking to buy a silk comforter, there are a lot of options on the market and it can be challenging understanding them all.  Silk comforters have recently become a lot more popular on the mainstream bedding market and more and more people are turning to them as an alternative to down comforters.  Choosing from the many different options can seem daunting and this especially is the case when you are buying online without actually seeing and feeling the comforter beforehand.  For this reason, it is recommended that the retailer you are purchasing from has a good return policy in case you are not satisfied with the purchase.  There are many options available, so you should not have a difficult time finding one with a favorable return policy. So what type of comforter should you buy?  This depends on your budget and taste.  There are 2 basic options of comforters, one that is silk filled with a cotton liner and another that is 100% silk.  The pure silk comforter costs much more than the cotton lined comforter, and is quite a step up.  A silk filled comforter is still very comfortable, but you give up two of the most sought after qualities in this type of comforter: hypoallergenic and temperature control.  Silk natural is able to adjust to your body temperature and is an exceptional year round blanket.  Being hypoallergenic, means that the comforter will not host allergens, because they can not live within the silk, but when you have a cotton liner then they are able to attach to it.  So for serious allergy sufferers, always go pure silk.  There are many other intangible benefits, but you need to see and feel the comforter to be able to experience this.
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Silk Comforter Fill Weights

Beyond the two different types of silk blankets, you also need to decide on the amount of silk filled within the comforter.  This will depend upon the internal sleeping temperature of your house.  If you sleep at a normal temperature of 68 degrees, then you should select a lighter weight of silk.  However for colder houses during winter, you obviously want to go with a heavier silk filling.  The fill weights range from 1.5 pounds all the way up to 7 pounds.  Also if you have a larger size bed, then you will need more silk inside it to stay warm or cool depending on the season.

Be Cautious Buying Silk Comforters Online

You never know what you are getting when you purchase one of these comforters online, because you are not able to physically see the product.  As we touched on earlier, make sure there is a good return policy in case you are not satisfied with the comforter, preferably a no questions asked policy similar to some of the major retailers.  If you suspect something unsettling with the site you are buying from, then it is best to trust your instincts and go with another store. The majority of silk comforters come from China, as they are the number one producer of silk in the world, but with this comes uncertainty and something that you should be cautious with.  Check the pictures of the store and make sure they many and they are detailed.  This will help you verify the quality and will also help sniff out any sub par retailers. If you follow some of these guidelines, then you are bound to prevent any unwanted surprises when your package arrives.  This is the best way to prevent any issues further down the line and remember that if you do not like the silk comforter, you can always return it and go with another one if you have chosen a good retailer.


Silk Comforter: The Best Way to Sleep

September 4, 2011

Sleeping in Comfort with a Silk Comforter

One of the things that we look forward to after a long days work is coming home to relax. A good night’s sleep is for the most part what is recommended. Often times we find ourselves not being able to enjoy sleep, as for the most part restlessness takes over and is hard to control. This is induced by an uncomfortable bed. To rid themselves of such a problem, many have turned to silk comforters to provide the well deserve rest that they need.

Silk comforters were originally developed in China. In older times, silk comforters were used only by noble men and the wealthy upper class, in recent years silk comforters are becoming very popular and are used by virtually everybody. Today, silk comforters are used all around the world.

These types of comforters are made with 100% silk. Silk comes from the cocoons of silkworms (hence the name silk), which feeds of Mulberry trees. A loose ball of filament will appear once the cocoon is boiled; after which it is stretched together in a web of layers. Unlike other fabrics which require chemical alteration to be used, silk does not need to undergo any alteration; it can be used just as is. This proves to be of extreme benefit to those who suffer from asthma, allergies and sensitivity to chemical.

The popularity of silk comforters is due to their light weight, natural hypoallergenic properties and thermal properties among other benefits. Otherwise known as silk quilts or silk blankets, silk comforters are used as a duvet which covers the bed.

Its light weight allows for your body to be draped by the comforter. The draping ability allows for natural warmth while ridding the body of cold spots. Silk comforters have a unique layering system. The way in which they are structured allows for temperature to be regulated while maintaining your natural body heat. At the same time it has the ability to release excess heat through the use of breathable layers. Because of this uniqueness, wrapping oneself in a silk duvet will allow you to never feel too much heat or feel too cold, just the right temperature, making it the perfect comforter. Standing true to its name; one will definitely experience comfort after using a silk comforter. The level of comfort experienced allows one to fall asleep faster and easier; making it ideal for children who often times have trouble falling asleep as well as just anybody.

Silk Comforter: A Great Choice!

Investing in a silk comforter will guarantee lifetime usage as silk is considered to be one of the strongest materials on earth. Silk flosses which are present in the comforter are held tightly together hence making it less likely to fall apart; unlike other comforters made from different materials.

Silk comforters provide you with the best comfort that no other fabric can offer. With minimal maintenance, comfort and ease say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello countless sheep. You are guaranteed to have a good night’s rest with a silk comforter, ensuring that you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start off your day.

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Silk comforters- A Relaxing Way to Sleep

August 19, 2011

Surrendering yourself from a hard day’s work or school is much more satisfying if what waits in your bed is the welcoming grasp of your silk comforter. From its smooth and soft fabric to its hypoallergenic fibers, silk blankets are one of the most sought after bedding sets on the market.

Silk comforters were made originally in China. At that time, only emperors and noblemen were able to acquire this luxurious item as silk comforters were considered a royalty item and were quite expensive. But as time went by, the silk trade became known to the world and eventually, silk comforters could be obtained by everyone in the world.

Silk comforters are often than not made from 100% natural silk which is made from boiling silk cocoons and stretching them to together into a tangled web of layers. Unlike most fabrics, silk blankets do not require any chemical alterations in their creation process, which is a big plus for people with severe allergies and chemical sensitivity. Silk also has a naturally occurring protein called sericin and other amino acids that are comparable to the human skin. Similarly, its hypoallergenic genetic makeup makes silk comforters a big help for people with terrible allergies.

When it comes to its level of comfort, silk comforter sets have natural caccooning abilities. Once touched or embraced, a silk comforter drapes itself to the skin which gives it a feeling like someone is hugging you. With this draping ability, silk comforters give off a faster natural warmth that rids you quickly of any cold spots. This is a big plus to children because it makes them feel more secure and safe and eventually makes them sleep faster and easier. Silk blankets are also odorless which adds to its overall level of relaxation capabilities.

Silk comforters are made up of a layering system. This system regulates temperature by maintaining a person’s body heat when the area around is cold. On the other hand, it can also release excess heat with the use of its breathable layers. Through this system, wrapping yourself in a silk blankets never lets you feel too much cold or heat, they are the perfect blanket.

Furthermore, silk is one of the strongest materials on earth. One strand of silk is even more durable than steel of the same size. So it is to be expected that silk comforters will last for a very long time. The tendency of long silk flosses to adhere to one another also makes silk comforter sets bond tightly together, which make them less likely to fall apart. Although silk has the tendency to turn into a yellowish hue due to oxidation, all the comfort and the hugging abilities will stay the same even if you use it for many years.

Other than being extremely comfortable and durable, silk blankets are hassle free to maintain. When it gets wet, you just simply leave it out for to dry, then you can use it again. Likewise, due to silk’s mold resistant property, silk comforter sets are 100% free of fungus and other bed irritants which gives them a big advantage from other fabrics like down comforters which are sometimes infested with fungus and bed bugs.

In addition to the maintenance, silk comforters are very light weight and can easily be stored in any free space and in any way. Simply airing it out for a couple of hours before and after storage makes it perfectly safe to use again. As for cleaning it, silk blankets only need to be dried out under the sun twice a year. This maintains its freshness and extends its durability. But you have to remember that silk comforters should only be dry-cleaned with water and not any kind of liquids that can damage the silk floss layers.

Children, whether the world likes it or not, are naturally naughty and can sometimes commit dangerous acts. With its fire retardant property, silk comforter sets add a whole plus to a home’s security as it makes it less fragile to fumes that are caused by a child’s misconduct or just by pure accident.

China is presently the number one exporter of silk blankets in the world. It’s not surprising as the silk trade originally began there. But there are many manufacturers of silk comforter sets throughout the world and they offer a large amount of silk comforters to be chosen from.

Silk comforters are the perfect bed partners to sleep with. They give you the best comfort any other fabric cannot offer. They’ll make your life outstandingly easy with their very minimal maintenance and the security they provide you, that will help you sleep with no worries. So for the upcoming cold nights that send chills up your spine or the warm and hot moments that cause you to sweat, silk comforters provide you with only the best nights sleep, so you wake up refeshed and ready to start the day with a smile.



Silk Comforters and the Benefits for Asthmatics

August 17, 2011

Silk Comforters Great for Asthma Sufferers

As a considerably new rising-star in the bedding industry, silk comforters offer various benefits to the user. One that really catches one’s attention is the customized advantages that fit perfectly to asthmatics like me. Generally, asthma can be categorized in two types. The first type asthma is easily stimulated by allergens while the other is triggered by other factors such as cold air and hyperventilation. To both of these types’ sufferer, silk comforters provide amazing health benefits that you can never get from ordinary duvets or other bedding products.

A silk comforter is made from a silk cocoon, a material which has been widely recognized as a very good insulator, because it conforms to the body. Its texture is soft, light, and also very breathable. Nevertheless, the ‘air-permeability’ properties of silk doesn’t mean you won’t be able to stay warm with one. Thin silk layers can provide the same level of warmth produced by the much-thicker down layers. Silk also has the ability to absorb excessive moisture from its environment. These properties of silk contribute to the temperature-adjusting ability in silk-based objects. Consequently, silk comforters may also help asthmatics avoid cold air.

Silk comforters may also provide protection for the first category of asthmatics. As mentioned before, this type of asthmatic is very sensitive to allergens. People who are highly reactive to allergens must be very careful in choosing the type of fabric materials they use in their bedding sets. Unlike other fabric materials, natural compounds in silk layers don’t cause allergenic reactions, they are hypoallergenic. The silk produced by the silkworms are made of amino acids, the very same organic substances that our bodes are constructed of. To stitch the silk-strands together, silkworms produce a sticky substance that acts as natural glue known as ‘sericine’. To maintain its quality, silk cocoons are processed in a natural treatment. Little to no chemicals are used during the making of a silk comforter. This makes the silk comforter friendly to both asthmatics and the environment.

Silk Comforters Also Great for Allergy Sufferers

Moreover, the natural substances in silk act as a natural repellent for fungal and dust mites. Dust mites along with their wastes are the most common factors that stimulate allergic reaction to asthmatics. Their micro sizes allow them to dwell in our bedding-sets without being noticed. To this date, many studies have proven silk’s ability in resisting both the dust mites and their wastes. Silk comforters have very small pores, even smaller than the size of the mites. This will prevent them from getting through the silk comforter to the sleeper. Both the sericin and amino acids in silk are also considered to have an antibacterial property, thus getting rid of the allergenic bacteria from the bed. Another factor that keeps the fungal and dust mites away from silk is its ability in absorbing excess moisture. Both mites and fungi require a high-level of humidity to live. This makes silk the worst place for them to live in.

The strong and long-lasting texture of silk material may also contribute to its hypoallergenic character. Other comforters made of down will degrade over time. It may then create tiny shreds and stimulate allergic reactions if inhaled. Silk comforters, on the other hand, are much more solid and last longer than other fabrics. Silk-strands stick together very firmly and are not easily torn out.

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The Most Comfortable Silk Comforters

July 24, 2011

Regardless of where you are from or what you believe in, you can agree with the consensus that silk comforters are the most comfortable comforters the world has to offer.  I do not say this to infer that there may be a more comfortable option coming along, but to show you that the world has reached perfection at least in one regard.  These comforters made of pure silk will envelop you into an amazing cocoon of pure comfort.  You should not take my word for it though, because this is like talking about what it is like to ride a bike to someone who has never experienced the joys of that experience.  You can undoubtedly go through life without this amazing experience, but why would you want to starve yourself of this amazing experience?

Silk Comforters into the Mainstream?

Silk and the new amazing new blankets made of silk are taking the world by storm.  They are becoming more and more mainstream as the days go by, and people get word of the comfort they have to offer.  Not only are they comfortable but they also offer other less known, but just as important benefits.  The comforters are hypoallergenic, which is great for anyone that suffers from allergies (to down or any other allergen) because the blankets do not host any type of allergen.  You must try a blanket if you have any type of allergies, because they will alleviate many of the worst of allergies.  You can go through life trying to fight your allergies (not recommended) or you can relax into a silk comforter and let the stress and allergies just float away.  You will not regret your decision once you make it of course, but the keys are in your hand and you must try a silk comforter, risk free of course.

Get your hands on a Silk Comforter today

The best idea we can think of (biased of course) is to make the purchase of a silk blanket as soon as you can and give the comforter a test drive.  You will not regret it like we said earlier, but you have to try it out before you will become a believer.

Silk Blankets and Comforters

July 8, 2011

Silk Comforter

Wouldn’t it be so nice to finally lie down in a well arranged bedroom after a tiring, busy day? Comfortable sheets, huggable pillows and a silk comforter to warm up the sore feet makes the end of the day something to look forward to.

Silk blankets originally came from china. Chinese people wanted to weave a lot of silk and sooner they have discovered the beauty of these silk when one can make a good use by lying on them. Since then, silk comforters did not only become a fad but it also is a number one choice for buyers who love comfort.

Cocoons of silkworm make silk. These tiny little beings weave tons and dozens of silk in order to keep up with the ever increasing demand for silk cloth. However, making of these silk is not at all a bed of roses. These cocoons have to be boiled in order to loosen the silk created by the silkworms and to get rid of this silk makers, sadly. After which, this silk has to be stretched by hands in order to make large, thick bundles of silk. A number of these Silk bundles are necessary to make just one silk comforter.

Because silk blankets are not easily made, owners should take care of these high end comforters in order to maintain the quality of comfort they give to the owners. Caring for these silk comforters is not that difficult. They just have to be sundried at least twice a year to maintain the silk’s freshness. If the silk comforter becomes dirty or needs further cleaning, it can be sent to a dry cleaner for it to be cleansed thoroughly and not to totally damage it.

Silk blankets are actually naturally hypoallergenic so there are basically no limits or contraindication as to who will use the comforter. These silk comforters are very good choices for those who are suffering from allergies because it acts as a source of comfort rather than nuisance to the user.

Most silk covers are priced the same with down comforters. Many of these are exported worldwide because they also have increasing demands from a variety of consumers.

Laying down our tired bodies in these comforters would seem like having a reward after a hard day’s work. Investing in these comforters won’t be a waste of resources because it sure is a good and worthy deal for the price, comfort and quality we can get from it


Silk Comforter Sets

June 1, 2011

Silk Comforters

You may have heard about silk comforters, and how much better they are over down comforters.  Silk is a wonder fabric and something to bring into your house for many beneficial reasons.  Silk is a sustainable fabric and hypoallergenic.  Here are the top reasons to choose a silk comforter.

  • Silk is light weight and feels like sleeping in a cloud
  • Silk is hypoallergenic, meaning no more allergies
  • Silk is germ free and will not host bed bugs or other pests
  • Silk comforters create a cocoon effect, literally enveloping you in their comfort and warmth
  • Silk can be used year round, just change the weight of the comforter
  • Silk comforters can last decades when properly cared for
  • Silk comforters can be customized with duvets and match any room in the house
  • Be the talk of your friends when you show them your new silk comforter

These are a short list of silk comforters benefits.  Some of them quite remarkable, but know that you will never know the wonders of silk until you experience the comforter first hand.  This is the sure fire way to know how amazing silk comforters are.  Try a silk comforter today!

Types of Silk Comforters

April 3, 2011

A silk comforter is a bed cover with silk fillings.  It originated from China, the biggest silk producer and silk comforter manufacturer in the whole world.  Today comforters filled with silk are used widely in almost all countries of the world.

There are three common types of silk comforters

1.  Habutai Silk Comforters:

This is the most well-known and well-used type in the United States and other countries.  Its filling is silk and wrapped in a silk shell.  This is the lightest type of comforter made from silk.

2.  Cotton-Covered Silk Comforter:

This is also known as silk-filled comforter, second to habutai in being popular.  This is filled with silk and wrapped in a cotton shell.  If you are on a budget, you choose the cotton-covered comforter because they cost less than the habutai and jacquard comforters.

3.  Jacquard Silk Comforter:

This is the world’s most expensive type of silk comforters. It is filled with silk and wrapped in a jacquard silk shell.  If you want the best comforter, you would choose this one.

The type and quality of silk fillings in all of the above may vary depending on the retailer.

To clean the comforters filled with silk, wash them with warm water and mild soap and dry under the sun.  This should be done twice in a year to keep their freshness.  If the comforters are very dirty and need a thorough cleaning, dry cleaning would be a good idea, because the silk layers tend to be damaged when contacted with water.

Use of silk comforters is very common because they have aesthetic value and are naturally clean and do not harbor bed bugs and dust mites.  They are also immune to fungi and mold.  These are the reasons why these type comforters are preferred over the other synthetic-filled comforters.

What Are the Qualities of Silk Comforters?

April 1, 2011

The silk comforters are beautiful to look at and the silk feels very soft and smooth to the skin.  There are many other qualities of comforters with silk fillings that make them a perfect choice among homeowners.

  1. Comforters of 100% silk are hypoallergenic, making them fit for use by allergy sufferers.
  2. Comforters with silk filling and silk shell are not hospitable to dust mites.
  3. Silk comforters regain their fluffiness when put in direct sunlight. When you notice that your comforters begins to lose their heat retention and fluffiness, lay them under direct sunlight to dry the moisture and restore the fluffiness.
  4. Lightweight.  You can get as much warmth from silk comforters as those from heavy ones, but without the bulk.
  5. Comforters breathe, because silk is a light fiber that allows moisture to evaporate.

Do not machine wash your silk comforters to avoid shrinking of the silk fibers.  If they are stained, they must be spot cleaned or dry-cleaned.  Since they are lightweight, you can soak them in lukewarm water with mild soap and rinse after a couple of hours.  Dry them under direct sunlight.

Choosing a comforter for the first time can be a confusing task for anyone, so before going out to buy your comforter, you must know the qualities that you want in your comforter, and what style would you prefer:  would you want a habutai, a cotton shell, or a jacquard silk comforter?

If you want to buy silk comforters, there are many online stores carrying them, some in great inventories.  You can search for the type that you want from each store from the comfort and convenience of your room and you can also see the prices there.  However, if you want to see the actual item, it is also possible to visit some on site stores.

What is a Silk Comforter?

March 31, 2011

Get a clue about Silk Comforters

So you have been hearing a lot about these wonderfully comfortable sleeping aids.  Well it is about time you understood what they are all about.  Silk comforter are not a new thing, they have actually been around for a long time.  They are extremely comfortable and depending upon the amount of fill (silk within), they can be warm or cool.  They can have silk on the inside only or on the inside and outside.  There are many different variations and sizes of comforters, but one thing is for certain, silk comforters are a wonderful addition to any bedroom.  I highly recommend them.  I have been a huge fan of them since I traveled through Asia and was able to see how they are made.  It is a truly interesting process.  The silk worms are fed mulberry leaves 24 hours a day for about 2 weeks.  They literally gorge themselves and them they start weaving their cocoon and die.  They live a short life, but it is not in vain, for they have produced one of the softest fabrics known to man.  Then the cocoon is soaked in water and and loosened up.  This makes the unwinding of the silk a lot easier….all of this is done by machine by the way.  There are people to make sure that the process goes slowly and to help any hiccups in the process.  The silk is unwound and spooled together .  After this it is time to create the blanket.  The silk is then put all together and it does not look like much when it is in this stage, because silk can be stretched out to a great length without breaking.  So this is the next step….the silk is stretched by people to the size of the comforter.  The size is typically a queen or king size.

After the silk has been stretched out, it is placed inside of a cover.  The cover is most times made out of soft cotton, but sometimes it is put into a silk comforter.  I recommend the cotton because it is cheaper and then you can buy a silk duvet to protect it.  No need to pay for silk in the cover when you will not be touching this part of it.

So this is a basic rundown on silk comforters and how they are made.  Whatever you get out of this article, make sure you at least experience a silk comforter once in this lifetime….it is time to put the down, down.  Friends don’t let friends sleep on anything but silk!

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